Advertising Platforms

advertising platforms

NEWSGLOBAL is a multi platform media company, focusing on independent content providers. With multiple radio stations, a live platform, television shows and information distribution, we provide entertainment and information while providing a competitive platform that allows business clients to compete.

Global Radios: Offering Promotional Advertising Services. With our integrated portfolio of top-rated media properties, combined with creative and customized marketing solutions, Global Radio can help local and national businesses effectively direct the sale of goods and services to the exact target audience. Customized packages are available which include commercials on Brands, or you may purchase services individually Brands offers many ways to advertise other than on the radio station, we can provide the best advertisement for your money. Brands List of Services Per Individual Websites:

  • Business Listings ($10 dollars for the 1st month and $50.00 a month thereafter on a annual contract.)
  • Website Banner Advertisement (The ad size is 250 x 300 sidebar ad $100.00 per month one low monthly price with annual contract.)
  • Television Show Advertisement Show your pre-made video commercial during the show $250.00 per show.) Brands packages are sold on a month to month basis Please contact NEWSGLOBAL for more information & rates. Business Directory Advertising List your business on individual websites for only $10 dollars for the 1st month on a three month contract. With thousands of visitors every day, this is a great way to keep your business in front of a large audience at minimal cost. For more information please email the NEWSGLOBAL office fill out the contact information form.

SCRIBEMEDIA: The Scribe Media Group is the publisher of some of the best loved titles on the web. We value honest conversations and independent journalism. We are an influential, high powered, fast paced media group at the forefront of the digital frontier with a audience of millions of US readers.

The minimum spend to put together a complete marketing program with Scribe Media which includes every title in our network is $10K.

SCRIBEMEDIA marketing programs include content and display opportunities and CPM pricing programs.

The Benefits Of A Complete Marketing Program With  ScribeMedia:

* High amount of valuable traffic

* Targeted traffic based on the type of business

* Solid organic traffic – As organic traffic has a longer attention span than social traffic

* Good rankings for solid keywords

* Loyal traffic

SCRIBEMEDIA offers a low cost program on a per title basis which includes a 250 x 300 sidebar ad, plus a one week Of Promoted Content Advertising As A Top News Story for a low cost of only $200.00 a month on an annual contract.

For more information please email the NEWSGLOBAL office fill out the contact information form. Listings are guaranteed on websites within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

All Payments invoiced and accepted by PayPal.